Damaged Switch Assembly due to arching

During our day ride in June, my valk just died. Suspecting a blown fuse, I got the 30 amp fuse replaced. However after a moment, it busted again.

I soon had to take the risk of permanently damaging the switch assembly’s(figure a) connectors casing. This had to be done so that the corroded connectors(figure b) can be accessed. Once accessed, I filed away the corrosion and reconnected the respective wires.

Since the plastic insulating casing has been damaged, I had to improvise a new connector. Using a used connector(figure c), I cut it to shape and size and finally manage to fit the cables.

After hooking them up, I found it to be stable and thus I reconnected all the cables. Its amazing to see how destructive arching can do to connectors when there is a bad contact. By filing and improving its contact, it solved the issue of melting 30amp fuse caused by the arching.


When I got back, the issue was to get the switch assembly replaced. Searching at www.hdlparts.com, the item cost about USD$64. So I went to local dealer and tried my luck. To my amazement, they had the part and it cost only SDG$42. So I got it replaced and now I have a peace of mind. •





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Written by Isaac Chan