Our Logo
The fiery skull and the cross behind symbolizes our inextinguishable fiery passion to explore new places for our riding passion and make these experiences available to those who appreciates it.

Krux of Kruzer
Kruzer is a stylized form of the word cruiser. This is because being a Kruzer is what most aptly describes our riding style. As destination becomes secondary and the journey takes centre stage, it’s only right that we cruise to enable us to absorb the life, the scenery and the charm during our rides.

Kruzer was formed based on 4 objectives that the founders felt will make a difference.

To Ensure Different Experiences Every Ride

On most rides, the destination is given the priority. Thus, its zoom to destination and zoom back home. We however feel that the journey preceeds the destination.

So we strive to ensure that one gets as many different experiences every ride. These can be achieved by taking different routes, different sub-destinations and different ride time. Countries like Malaysia and Thailand have a vast network of roads which gives us the perfect opportunity (and excuse!) to explore different routes to the same destination. In addition to different routes, we can also explore different sub-destinations like attractions on route before arriving to the intended destinations.

To Provide Riding Opportunities Without Prejudice

Many a time, rides are tailored for specific bikes. For example, if the destination is rather far, then the small capacity and low powered bikes are not welcomed as timing and safety might be adversely affected.

So we try to accommodate for this group of bikes and provide riding opportunities without prejudice. As long as the bike can travel to an accepted speed on the highways, the biker can join us for rides, provided the rider can take it.

To Impart Riding Knowledge

After clocking many miles, it will be a waste and selfish for not sharing our knowledge and experiences with other riders. These knowledge may be destination information, route information or even riding skills and technicalities. So we aim to impart riding knowledge from our experiences as well as from others to our members.

After all, knowledge not shared, is lost.

To Foster Camaraderie Amongst Riders.

As they say, no man is an island, so we aim to foster camaraderie amongst riders. This is essential as by sharing, one can widen one’s horizons which in this case, a rider gets a pool of experience, information and opinions from fellow riders.

We however do not stop at only amongst local riders but also amongst riders from neighbouring Malaysia and Thailand. These ties are essential as when assistance is required when we are in their country, we can seek their help. We would also be happy to host or render our assistance whenever its required when they are here.

With these objectives, we hope we will be opening new doors for riders who seek to ride with a difference and with similar objectives.

~ Destination does not become without the Journey ~