One of Kruzer’s easy rides for R&R is Malacca. We usually stay near Bert’s Garden as that’s where we spend most of our time.

However for this trip, we stayed at a place closer to Malacca Town. This place was chosen as this used to be the home of our dearest club president’s family during the 70’s, hence the nostalgia and sentimentality.

Famed for its culture and delicious food, we of course, took the chance to indulge at our favourite Satay haunt, while keeping our eyes peeled for any Durian stalls to satisfy our craving.

Breakfast stop

Our usual satay haunt at Malacca

Welcome to Forest Breeze

Our nostalgic accommodation

Spacious dining and kitchen area

The dipping pool

Rest, Relax, and Conversations

Afternoon meditation

While others relive a childhood pastime

Simple breakfast, compliments from Forest Breeze

Lunch filled with local delights


Watching the world go by

Hiding from the sweltering heat

Durian spotted!

Glorious fruit

Having their fill

Ending the trip with some superb coffee



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Written by Grace Leong