Our first camping trip! 9~10 Jun 2007
by Wang Run


Regret No 1: Joining the trek when I felt breathless after just 10 minutes of climbing!

Regret No 2: Joining a camp when I saw the bathing place.

Regret No 3: Joining the trip when I felt damn sleepy but there are still 140 Klicks ahead.

But, all these regrets become a sense of achievement at the end of the trip.

I am not a rider. I may not enjoy the twisty trunk roads, nor the straight boring expressways. But I do enjoy the destinations and activities, which are always full of new experiences and surprises.

This is not my first time with Kruzer experiencing “first-time-thing” in my life. Don’t laugh at me, but this is really my first time camping. Woke up at 4AM (All thanks to William for his morning call).

Some riders feel cool riding towards sunrise, like my dear husband Tony. I think sleeping under my thick blanket in a cold air-con room at 4am is cooler. Sorry, I always don’t have much feelings about sunrise and sunset.

Anyway, I have to say, Tony took a nice photo using his left hand while he was riding using his right hand. Boss always say “you can do more things in a open country”. ;P

A very special Sunrise for us @ 7:05:57am – by Tony

Our campsite is at Tanjong Resang, Mersing, which is a nice, quiet and long stretch of beach. The Kruzer camp community had 12 properties, ranging from low end ceiling-only tent to high end extra-corridor tent.

Campsite – by Isaac

Setup tents – by Tony

Tent view with a tent – by Isaac

Kelvin’s Army tent setup – by Justin

William’s swing sleeping bag – by Tony

Tents all ready – by Justin


After all the construction, while slackers rested at home, boys and a girl (BeeBee) were playing on another beach. Things like riding on sand, making bike stand in sand and even stuck in sand simply made riders excited.

Enjoy – Don’t pick it up. Take picture first
– photo by BeeBee / design by Max

Riding on the beach – by BeeBee

Hey! I am a good rider also! – by Justin

Stuck deep – by William

Stuck deeper. Watch out the chain!
1 more inch to touch the sand – by Tony

Vstorm brings “sand storm” – by Tony

The trekking was the best part of the trip to me, but I completely thought the opposite when we just started climbing. It was too late to turn back after two guides brought us to the foot of the hill — Gunung Arong. The way up was super tiring. Boss’s “ten minutes more” motivation theory simply didn’t work anymore. But, another method seems helping some people obtain some strength.

Some real trekking – by Tony


Boss said: “Do you feel the ‘Chi’ from the trees around you? Let’s get the ‘Chi’ and you will have more energy.” I was too tired, even didn’t hear this important message. No wonder I almost fainted.

Do you feel the ‘Chi’ around you? – by Tony

Wang Run sitting at the cliff top – by Tony

Full view at summit – by Tony
Click on image to view bigger size

Group at summit – by Tony

Way down – Tony

The way down was much easier and more adventurous. What surprised us was that the exit of the trek is on another beach. If you watched “Lost” before, you should exactly know how I felt. It was a WOW!

Walking back to campsite – Tony

When everyone thought we could walk along the beach back to our campsite, the guide told us that the high tide blocked our way. We either walk across chest-high water, or wait until low tide time. WE ARE KRUZER! Of course we chose to cross over, no matter how deep the water is. RIGHT? YES!

Back to campsite, people had started firing and preparing for BBQ dinner.

Campsite fire – by Tony

I managed to bath using a pail, constantly in danger of being peeped at, but it was still shiok after sweating for 4 hours followed by being soaked inside sea water.

Bathing place (male side) – by Tony

The night was not windy as we expected, but everyone had a sound sleep.

Some were sleeping too soundly, so much so their neighbours couldn’t even sleep at all 😛

Second day morning sunrise at camp site – by Isaac


Photo Links

Photo by Tony

– Photo by Isaac

– Photo by Justin & BeeBee

– Photo by Max

– Photo by William


Video Links

– Video by Max

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Written by Tony Xu