To most, the month of June is a month of meaning.

For the kids, June is a month of sheer joy and fun. For the families, June unravels exciting travel plans. For the working community, it signifies the closing of two quarters (and perhaps the issuance of bonuses for some).

For Kruzer, the month of June is as literal as it gets. To us, it simply means that half the year has passed, or half the year remains. Whatever. (Whichever glass-is-half-empty-or-glass-is-half-full perspective that suits you best)

But before you think we are a boring bunch, hang on.

We know what June really means. It means, like always, a time to embark on a day or overnight riding trip, indulge in a gluttony experience, and most importantly, feast on a glorious spread of bitter-sweet durians.

However, since we had an overnight trip in end April to early May, our June ride was a day trip to the state of Johor Malaysia.

It was nice to see many early birds when my partner and I arrived at GP Esso at 09:30am. Just to clarify, we weren’t late. We were punctual.

Following the itinerary, we moved off from GP Esso at 10:03am. Here’s a picture of Tony waving to the camera while riding behind us.

Kids, do not try this when cycling. Or motorcycling. Or Ever.

Traveling through the little roads of Gelang Patah town, we arrived at our first food destination – PappaRich for brunch.

PappaRich is known for their Otah and Toast Bread, which explains why I always order a plate of Otah every time I come.

Since there was some time to spare, we had a slow and relaxing brunch, accompanied by interesting conversations.

By the time we decide to leave for our next food destination, it was nearly noon. Fortunately, the sky was cloudy and temperatures were still bearable for us to ride in.

Along the way, the cloudy skies started getting darker and heavier. Before we knew it, it started raining. Stopping at the road shoulder of the North South Highway, we quickly put on our rain gears before continuing our journey.

Arriving at Pekan Nanas, Isaac led us to Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm as per the address stated in their Facebook Page. However, we couldn’t find the place when we arrived. After a few u-turns, we decided to stop by the road and contact Uncle Lim.

Well, it turns out, Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm address is inaccurate!

Regardless, we managed to locate his durian farm, thanks to the malay chap from Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm, who provided clearer instructions to Isaac over the phone.

Having parked our bikes, we gathered at the eating area and started our durian feast.

PS: Here at Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm, you can order different kinds of durian separately, or pay RM35/pax for a durian buffet, which includes 3 to 4 types of durian served unlimitedly to you. 

Durians For Lunch

Surfeited with durians and rambutans, I decided to check out the surrounding area for some photo-worthy subjects, at the same time, speed up the digestion process so that there is available stomach space for dinner.

Aha! Spotted this cute little puppy hiding at what seemed like an old bus stop.

At about half past three, we finally left for our next destination – Bike Wash! Though it was an impromptu decision, the group welcomed it without hesitation because our bikes were quite dirty after riding through the rain and travelling through the dusty roads of Pekan Nanas.

Riding back to Gelang Patah, we arrived at a local car / bike wash shop which offers good and cheap bike wash at RM15, which includes waxing.

Meanwhile, the ladies crossed the street to Tesco Mall, and did what all women do best – Shopping.

Kruzers crowding around Malaysian’s No. 2 Barista and asking questions

The entire bike wash process took approximately 2 hours for all 6 bikes. Which is just as well because by the time we finished the bike wash, it was dinner time.

So for our last food destination, we rode to one of our favorite cafes –Monsta cafe – for dinner.

My Fish & Vongole Spaghetti (RM14.90)

My beautiful Mocha coffee art

As usual, we ate to our hearts content, resulting in food coma in some (points to self).

So after dinner, we continued to hang out at Monsta Cafe, sipping our tasty coffee, taking pictures and admiring the beautiful coffee art, while having hearty conversations.


All in all, it was a slow and relaxing day trip, with generally good weather (except for the short period of rain), and great company. The durians however, fell short of our expectations.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves, we enjoyed each other’s company, and we enjoyed the ride. I guess that’s all that matters isn’t it.


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Written by Grace Leong