The last time we were at Tanjung Sutera, my partner and I tried to catch the sunset but to no avail. This time, he was determined give it another try.

However, our hopes were quickly dashed when we saw the immense cloud cover. So instead of a nice, glowing, ball of light, we saw a sky in a myriad of orange and purple hues, and of course – lots of puffy clouds. Disappointed, we headed back to catch more sleep.

Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and blinding rays of sunlight that peeked through our window, I was shocked that it was already 9+ am! We quickly rushed out of our rooms to the cafeteria, and was greeted by many Kruzers who were eating, or have already finished their breakfast.

Anyway, to curb the disappointing sunrise and breakfast buffet, I decided to order my comfort food – donuts.

Since we are only moving off in the afternoon, we had a lot of spare time after breakfast. Some of us went back to our rooms to curb the post breakfast lethargy, while a handful decided to catch a shuteye right where they were seated.

Having had enough sleep and donuts, I starting roaming ound the resort to take some pictures. Here’s the cafeteria, where many meals are partaken, and many conversations exchanged. Basically, it is where we eat, loiter, and bum around.

Enjoying the sea view, and being serenaded by the sound of crashing waves

2:30pm came faster than a blink of an eye. With much reluctance, we bade farewell to the resort and moved off to our next destination. Here’s a picture of 2 newcomers – Aaron & Karen!

Kruzers waiting at a Traffic Junction

Since the distance from Tanjung Sutera Resort to our dinner destination is short, and we had a few hours to spare, Isaac took us for a slow and easy ride through the trunk roads.

Halfway through, Isaac brought us to a local beach for a short rest. Having traveled in the afternoon heat for some time, this rest stop by the beach, together with an ice-cream man who promptly came to us in hope to sell some ice-cream, was a good break to cool us down

View of the beach. Absolutely loving the azure blue skies!

About 20 minutes or so, we continued on our journey to our last destination for dinner!

Travelling on the Sungai Johor Bridge, (which I hear is) the longest river bridge in Malaysia.

As we journeyed further, the skies started turning grey.  I’m not sure about the rest, but I was praying hard that it wouldn’t rain! Or at least, it wouldn’t rain until we reach our dinner destination!

Alas, the skies gave way. Bummer! So we pulled to the side of the road, under the bridge, and put on our rain gears.

Despite the heavy rain and traffic, we managed to arrive at our destination – JB Permas Seafood Restaurant – safely.

The interiors of the restaurant are bright and spacious.

Since I didn’t have lunch at Tanjung Sutera Resort before we left, I was quite famished by the time it was dinner. Catering to the urgent needs of my stomach, I didn’t take any pictures except for the Oyster Clams.

But all in all, the food was good albeit a bit pricey. Regardless of the price, a sumptuous dinner along with good company, is always a good way to end a trip.

As we arrived at JB Permas Seafood Restuarant in the early evening, it was about dusk when we finished our meals. Which means that we could still catch the sunset!

As night slowly fell, the crowd at JB Permas Seafood Restaurant started building up. At the same time,  we started making our way back home.

Truly, it was a weekend of fun, relaxation, and great food,. And although it was a short trip, it’s the journey, the memories, and the camaraderie that truly makes it an unforgettable one.
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Written by Grace Leong