In a typical calendar of Singapore, public holidays reflect the cultural and religious diversity of the country, which includes the Chinese New Year, the Buddhist holiday – Vesak Day, the Muslim holidays – Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji, the Hindu holiday – Deepavali, and the Christian holidays – Good Friday and Christmas Day.

But in Kruzer’s calendar, these public holidays usually reflect the different kinds of rides.

So during the Good Friday holiday, while some go to church, laze around at home, and meet up their friends, Kruzers head out across the border for a ride.


The motorcycle lane that’s guided by the dotted white line and demarcated by the car mirrors

Since it was a public holiday and a long weekend, there were many Singaporean cars that were heading to Malaysia as well. BUMMER!

Without much of a choice, we squeezed through this bad jam of cars from the middle of the causeway, all the way to the Malaysia check point which was about 6km. You bet we reek of perspiration and exhaust when we arrived at GP Esso!


Kruzers waiting for the others to arrive

Just as we were about to leave GP Esso, it started to drizzle, which prompted us to put on our raincoats. Isaac then led us to a small kampong eatery that is located by the sea, for lunch.

But the road leading to our lunch venue was not without some difficulty. With parts of the road filled with gravel and sand, I feared that the rain would add more toil and trouble if the slightly off-road trail became muddy or slippery.


Small eatery on stilts, and in a boat (which is blocked by the Valkyrie)

Fortunately, the bikes were able to get through the slightly rough terrain and incline, and we arrived at our lunch venue safely.


My Mee Goreng. A tad spicy and salty, but still fills the tummy.


The clouds are clearing up

As we ate and fellowshipped over the lunch table, the skies gradually lit up a little, and the rain reduced to a very light drizzle. Regardless, we still put on our rain gear in fear that other parts of Malaysia might still be raining.

The distance to our next destination wasn’t too far. In about 10 to 15 minutes or so, we arrived at Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club for tea.


Welcome to Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club

With a view overlooking the luxuriant lanscape, while having our snacks and beverages, this pitstop was truly a relaxing tea-break for us.


Lionel, enjoying his drink and enjoying the benefits of free WIFI.


My double scoop ice-cream – full of flavours, sweetness, and calories.


Aaron & Karen enjoying their afternoon treats

Having spent almost 2 hours in Horizon Hill, it was time to move off to our next food pitstop.. for dinner! As you can tell, eating (followed by beer) is a very crucial activity for Kruzers.


Kruzer giving a WTF (Where’s-The-Food) look.


Pork Floss Soft Shell Crab – the highlight of dinner.

Having stuffed ourselves with a sumptuous spread of food, it was time to head home.

Coincidentally, we passed by a bike wash stall which was just a few meters from our dinner venue, and ended up giving our bikes a bath before heading back home.


Bikes having a good bath!

Admittedly, though the rain did dampen (pun intended) our spirits in the morning, our moods were lifted in the afternoon – all thanks to the sun, good food, nice view, and lovely conversations at Horizon Hill and over the dinner table.

Having that said, the bulge on my tummy and the good night sleep was evidence of how much I enjoyed this trip.

Oh! Speaking of bulge, I think a jog is much needed.

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Written by Grace Leong

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