02 Sep 2007
– by Kenny


Motorcycle aficinados will know about the Ironbutt rally or competition in the United States: 11 days and almost 18,000 kilometres to cover, almost 1700km to clear in a day! For touring enthusiasts and diehards, they bring orgasmic pleasures but to the average Joe, we’re all nuts. I bet you must have had this experience of being called a nutter so I’m sure you’ll truly emphatise what the Ironmen and Ironladies went through on 2nd Sept 2007.

The riders

Kruzer on the ready!

Being the first Ironman competition to be held in Asia, Kruzer is proud to have contributed to the running of the inaugural series of this punishing race. Carrying the technical officials, referees, operation managers and cameramen from the media, we have helped to ensure that the race was conducted fairly and safely and that Asia’s first Ironman was duly documented for the world to see.

Away they go!

As easy as it seems to ferry these officials and cameramen across the whole cycling route, it serves to show the professionalism that our riders have put in to ensure zero accidents involving the bike crew. With very limited space and inexperienced pillions gesturing and shifting their heavy video-cameras around, it becomes very challenging for the rider to focus on obstacles ahead and the whizzing unpredictable bicycles all around.

In action against the traffic

Having witnessed in awe at the amazing feats of endurance and perseverance from the athletes, I must also salute the riders who made it look so easy.

The riders lest those already running ard!

Standard Chartered Marathon next?


Photo Links

– Photo by Beary

– Photo by Patrick

– Photo by Max

– Photo by William

– Photo by Isaac

– Photo by Tony


Video Links

– Video by Patrick


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Written by Kenny