Kruzer turns 14!

Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 5pm – 8pm Little Island Brewing Co Blk 6 Changi Village, #01 – 01, #01 – 02, Singapore 509907

  • Switch Assembly

        Damaged Switch Assembly due to arching During our day ride in June, my valk just died. Suspecting a blown fuse, I got the 30 amp fuse replaced. However after a moment, it busted again. I soon had to take the risk of permanently damaging the switch assembly’s(figure a) connectors casing. This had to… Read more »

  • Lake 2 Lake – May 2008

    17 – 19 May 2008 by Tony We all may find out – there are certain things that stick with you for life. Fun of riding is something sticks to me. Since very young I already started! Not riding a motorbike but riding a bicycle. I remember it’s during my kindergarden time, after a Sunday… Read more »

  • 16 days of Adventure in the North!

    I wouldn’t call this a once in a life time ride. But certainly it’s a ride worth re-living again and again…. As I attempt to recount each day in each post, it may spur some on to do what they may never dared to do…. Stay tuned…..

  • Honda: Use Original Parts 2

    More brilliant ads from Honda. They’re from the same campaign as this one here, only that this addresses motorcycle owners.

  • Honda: Use Original Parts

    Some good Honda prints.

  • Harley-Davidson. Stop dreaming

    Harley interesting advertisement poster.

  • Kruzer Goes Lake to Lake. 17-19 May 2008

    The morning mist came early today. Shaking off the sleep in the eyes, I began to feel the cool chill of the air surrounding the lake. With such cold temperatures, it was understandable that the usual cacophony of whining insects was muted this morning. I have always enjoyed mornings such as this. I particularly enjoy… Read more »

  • Kruzer's Web Renaissance

    Thanks to Joanna, we now have a new look, clean and refreshing site!

  • 2007 Trips and Klick Point List

    2007 Trips and Klick Point List

  • In Memoriam: Bahati Bin HJ Md Noor