Bat – Kruzer’s own Ray Charles

He will always be amongst us. Kruzers shall miss you, Bat!

Bat heading up Bukit Fraser

Bat’s 50th Birthday in Gua Tempurung


The roads our wheels spunned
The rides we joyed
The journeys we took
The destinations we shared

The straights that bore
The twists that excites
The heat that pains
The coolness that soothes

We are alike – we live to ride.

Bat, the little time we shared on and off the rides,
becomes more precious and memorable as you had left us so soon.

Your company will always be cherished by Kruzers as well as me.

Rest in Peace .. my gentle friend.

President, Kruzer


As the whole Kruzer community shares their condolences to his family, it is sad news that a fellow member Bahati Bin HJ Md Noor, “Bat” has departed us on 31 January 2008.

Bat joined our company while Kruzers were still camping at Pitstop at Beach Road. He had a huge first impression on me, riding through the Kandahar Street towards Pitstop, his gigantic VTX rumbling to announce his arrival. From the first introductory handshake to sitting down and sharing bike stories and activities, the bond was built as many festive seasons were celebrated together.

With the presence of Bat in the club, he showed us how maturity and age benefited the club. With many years of motorcycle riding in him, he actively participated with the club, posted his knowledge in Kruzer’s forum and made long journeys with fellow members – the young, the old and the new. Bat readily offered his assistance whenever he was called upon, his experiences from motorcycles, touring to parenthood.

Bat to me is and always will be a humble and gentle Kruzer. He has proven that age is never a barrier to touring; in fact it is the one thing that he keeps telling me that he enjoys doing, venturing up North, soaking up the scenic views and experiences with every mile. With his beloved wife Noridah, they have braved many sunny and stormy rides to bring back the wonders of each road trip to share with the Kruzer community.

Bat has shown me that it is never too late to do anything that is worthwhile and meaningful. Let his undying perseverance and determination be a guiding light to all.

So as friends and families mourn the departure of Bat, Kruzers will miss its fellow member dearly, may Bat rest in peace and forever reside in Kruzer.

Eric Lock
Vice-President, Kruzer


Our friendship is short but full of memories.
Your love for bikes, despite the pain and suffering you endured, had also inspired me.
I hope you rest in peace and and found the motorcycling god in your company.

we’ll miss you..

Publicity Manager, Kruzer


You lost the battle…


We salute to your strong determination and courage to fight the disease till the very last moment,
Admired your strong passion for bike even when you are down and weak.

Respect you from the bottom of my heart when pain and suffering did not deter you from riding to trips and meeting up with friends.

To me, you are always an approachable, friendly and respectable fatherly figure in Kruzers!

You have gone to another place, but the spirit of “BAT” will always stay in our heart.



more words by kruzer members in Forum

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Written by Kenny

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Hi Wirda! I hope you and your family are fine.

Your father was a very brave and determined man. We can see it especially when he rode on in pain…you must be very proud of him.

We still talk about him when we’re on the roads…. 🙂

Wirda Bahati

A BIG Thank you to the Kruzer family for having this page up for my father.
It helps us remember, a big part of him.

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