Kruzer is proud to be celebrating’s 9th Anniversary on 15 and 16 of January 2011. Unknown to many, SBF was the incubator and birthplace for Kruzers as the President and trip organiser, Isaac Chan, used to organize rides for all and sundry in the forum.

It would be a great honour to celebrate the forum for 9 years of bringing people sharing the same love of motorcycles and riding together. The emphasis of this year’s SBF anniversary is focused on new and potential riders; a group of riders we can relate to, especially with their fears in touring a new country.

One of the Club’s objectives is to provide riding opportunities without prejudice. Through our booth, we hope to encourage exploration of neighbouring countries on 2 wheels.  Not only that, our members will be there to share riding knowledge for all riders, especially new ones eager to experience riding in Malaysia but feel intimidated to do so.

Come visit our booth at *SCAPE on 15 and 16 Jan 2011, make friends and learn more about Kruzer’s rides overseas. Who knows, we may be out riding together in Malaysia or Thailand in the coming year…

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Written by Kenny

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