7 years is a long time. It’s enough time to have 7 babies, watch a World Cup, European Cup and the Olympics at least once and just enough time to experience the seven year itch. Ah yes, the seven year itch, the proverbial tendency to move on to newer things in relationships. While the years roll by, Kruzer hung on, adapted and changed even, just to soothe the itch of its riders. It is a testimony to all riders that we lasted this long.

This year, Kruzer moves offshore for the first time ever to celebrate its 7th anniversary in a foreign land. But yet, some things remain constant. Like the bikes and the roar of motorbikes navigating its way through the meandering twists, turns and dips and climbs of Fraser’s Hill. Or the ever curious monkeys who would raid your apartments if you are foolish enough to leave a window open. It is apt that we should celebrate our 7 years in a home, away from home. One we never fail to visit year after year.

With new tires, loaded boxes and a promise of good company, this weekend is more than a union of old friends and forging new acquaintances. It is where an unforgettable experience beckons..

Happy 7th anniversary to all Kruzers!

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Written by Kenny

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