As the year comes to an end, Kruzer organized a RES (short for Ride, Eat, and Slack) trip to somewhere around the southwest of Johore.

10:00am – We met up first at GP Esso, before moving off to our first food destination for brunch, or what some would say – Brunch.

Curry Noodle Yong Tau Foo

As there were dark clouds looming in the sky, we decided to move on to our next destination. Unfortunately, it started raining after a few minutes, but stopped as we rode away from the dark skies.

Kruzer at a pineapple plantation

Isaac then brought us to our next destination where we had to pass through a pineapple plantation. There, we stopped to have a look-see.

Bikes parked along the road. Loving the fluffy clouds and greenery!

Kenneth checks out the sweet fruits

We then crossed the road to a nearby fruit stall, which sells really sweet pineapples.

Lionel happily enjoying the sweet fruit

R.E.S means Ride - Eat - Shop

The Kruzer ladies also took this chance to shop for fruits. Well, RES can mean Ride, Eat, and Shop right?

Lionel taking forty winks

Moving on to our next destination, the skies started to pour again. This time however, we weren’t able to ride out of the rain. So, Isaac brought us to Puteri Harbour to take shelter and to chill at the cafe.

Sadly, the cafe was closed for renovation. So, we ended up bumming around and chit-chatting while waiting for the rain to stop.

After 2 hours or so, the rain finally simmered down and we decided to have an early dinner since some of us had to go back earlier. Isaac then brought us to a nearby coffee-shop where we had Sze Char, soups, Soft Shell Crabs and Salted Egg Crabs.

Tasty Salted Egg Crabs

In addition to being a relatively quiet venue for dinner, this coffee-shop serves good food with big portions, and best of all, it is really affordable i.e. 2 crabs only cost RM 70.00+ !

Well, I’m sure we wouldn’t wait till the next RES to come back here for their food again.

Despite the wet ride home, it was a slow and easy outing where we got to mingle around with each other and our new friend. Thank you Kruzer for a crabbilicious outing!

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Written by Grace Leong