7:30 am. My Steve Austin alarm tone roused me from my slumber and before I knew it, Jocelyne came running up the steps to my bed, and whispered softly while gesturing to my ringing iPhone “I don’t know how to turn this off.”

That was when I woke up, turned off my alarm, and headed downstairs to get my morning joe.

However, the actual breakfast time was 10:00am, which means that I could either catch more sleep, or bum around and chit chat with the folks who are awake. Well, I chose the latter.

Breakfast Buffet. Kruzer Style.

Soon, it was time for breakfast. Thank you, Isaac for cooking such a sumptuous spread of food!

A local orang asli bidding us farewell

12:00 pm. Having had a satiating breakfast (or what some might consider brunch, it was time to bid The Sheds farewell.

Kruzers off to Fraser's

Before heading home, Isaac decided to bring us to Fraser’s Hill; a well-loved destination by Kruzer because of it’s cool weather, awesome scenic view, and most importantly, where fond memories belong.

Splendid view on the way up Fraser's Hill

Isaac caught us by surprised when he managed to get us a quiet lodging to rest and chill out for 2 hours before moving off. There, most of us took the opportunity to catch some shut-eye.

Enjoying a siesta on the couch

4:00 pm. It was time to leave for home. Going downhill from Fraser’s, I managed to steal a shot of the breathtaking view.

The breathtaking view down Fraser's Hill

Goodbye Fraser's Hill. See you very soon!

Dinner at a quiet local coffee-shop

Riding through the trunk roads, the return leg of our journey was a slow and winding ride. However, it was almost dinner by the time we were half way through our route, so we stopped by a quiety local coffeeshop for dinner first, before continuing our journey via the trunk roads .. in the dark!


By the time we finally arrived home, it was the wee hours of the morning. Despite our exhaustion, I must say that unlike other trips, this one was a smooth and slow ride for us. Needless to say, dear and I enjoyed ourselves (as usual), and thank Kruzer for the wonderful experience in the Shed. Till the next ride!

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Written by Grace Leong