Unbelievable. It’s been 2 months after my last Kruzer Kamping trip at Mount Ophir, and I’m craving for a road trip already. Fortunately, I heard that Kruzer is organizing a trip to a secluded destination that’s enclaved in nature, so in my excitement, I prodded my partner with a huge grin and twinkles in my eyes.

29th October took longer than expected to arrive. I guess I wanted a getaway and a road trip so badly that the growing excitement in me made it feel like time was crawling by.

Regardless, the day finally arrived and at 5:00am, our adventure begins..

Kruzers meeting up at GP Esso

As usual, the group met up at GP Esso at 5:00am and after a short session of chanter and banter, we moved off to our first destination…

Breakfast at 777

Breakfast! What best to start a road trip than to be satiated with a warm bowl of wanton noodles, and be refreshed with a cuppa joe?

Beautiful colors in the sky

Just when we were almost done with breakfast, the sky was starting to lighten up. So in order to catch the sunrise, we quickly suit up and left for our next destination.

Riding through the morning fog

But what we’ve experienced wasn’t only the warm and bright rays of the rising sun. We had to ride through a cloud of morning fog, which really got some Kruzers excited because it feels as though we are in a cold country.

Kruzers showing some Kindness

In about one and a half hours, we arrived at our first petrol stop – Pagoh R&R. There, a few Kruzers lend a hand to a group of locals who had trouble with their vehicle. Kudos to the helpful bunch of abled-bodied men!

The Kruzer Krowd

The second stretch of the journey was quite tiring was some, due to the post-breakfast fatigue and the morning sun. Regardless, we managed to arrive at our Seremban R&R safely, and even managed to gather everyone for a quick group photo before moving off!

A sumptuous spread of meat, fish, and vegetables. *burp*

Before we arrived at our final destination, we stopped by a local Bak Kut Teh restaurant for lunch.

Grocery shopping at local Giant Hypermart

After which, we made our way to the local supermarket to get some groceries for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast.

Welcome To Sekeping Serendah

Since our final destination was 30 to 40km away, it didn’t take long before we finally arrived.

Bikes at rest

The Glass Shed

Despite being enclaved in a thick foliage of trees and nature, I quickly spotted our Glass Shed from a distance. And like a child in wonderment, I headed over our Glass Shed excitedly.

Simplistic and minimalist, I quickly fell in love with the interior designs, and how ingenious some of the furniture concept were. One of the favorite things I also like about the Glass Shed is their sleeping quarters upstairs, which really makes me feel as though I’m living amongst the trees when I plonk onto bed.

Generally, I love how this place embodies tranquility and serenity. Truly, it’s the sort of place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and the cares of this world.

Following the red brick road

After unpacking our stuffs, my partner and I decided to have a look-see at our surroundings..

The Timber Shed

.. and check out the Timber Shed where some of the Kruzers were staying.

The Pool of Serenity

Having no technological connections on our phones, we decided to spend the hot and lazy afternoon dipping in the pool. Ahhhhh… 

Kruzers enjoying a splash

Prepping for Halloween

Soon, it was dusk and we quickly headed back to our sheds to shower, before getting ready for our Halloween party at night.

Halloween night at The Shed

Chef Chan & Chew at work

Kruzers chilling out

With a sumptuous spread of home made hand burgers, dapper, and booze, our shed was filled with the sweet aroma of food that’s accompanied with lively chatter. Indeed, nothing beats being in the company of good friends, food, and alcohol. Cheers!

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Written by Grace Leong