Reaching for my handphone when I first opened my eyes, I glanced at the time – 06:45 am. Strange. I don’t recall waking up so early without an alarm clock. Ever.

I laid awake for a while before sitting up. It was quiet all around. No sound of laughter, chatter, or birds chirping. Just complete silence.

I unzipped my tent window and saw what’s left of our dining area last night:

Remnants of last night

As you can see from the above, the sky was still a little dark and the ground was still wet from last night’s rain and this morning’s dew.

I turned my head to the right and noticed some orange and blue hues in the distance. Thinking that I might catch the sunrise, I quickly walked to the Bridge area and waited. Unfortunately, I didn’t get what I was waiting for. But it’s alright. At least I’ve got a snapshot of what might have been a gorgeous sunrise.

The morning light

In an hour or so, the sky was fully lit. Some of us who woke up earlier started preparing breakfast.

Rachel cooking scrambled eggs. Yum!

Like the early birds which catches the worm, the early Kruzers get to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast of eggs, maggie mee, tea, and coffee.

The early birds for breakfast

After packing up and clearing the camping site, we finally moved off at 11:00am thereabouts.

The winding roads to the exit

12:00 pm – Arriving at our first stop in the outskirts of Malacca for a drink or two.

At the outskirts of Malacca

02:20 pm – Kruzers arriving at a Petrol Station to refuel.

Quenching the thirsty motorcycles

03:00 pm – Isaac led us through the coastal roads and finally brought us somewhere along the beach to enjoy the sea breeze.

Kruzers by the coast

Kenny making himself at home while enjoying the breezy afternoon by the sea

Kenny knows how to relax on a breezy and sunny afternoon

Stevie by the sea

05:45 pm – We decided to have an early dinner at our favorite hangout in Malacca: Cliff’s Sunset Retreat

With the lovely weather, great ambience, gentle breeze, some of us quickly made ourselves at home by removing our motorcycle boots, and changing out of our touring pants into comfy shorts.

It didn’t take long before our dinner arrived. Here’s Jocelyne with her Chicken Maryland – an absolutely must try!

Food does make one happy

My Salmon Fillet arrived much later. Apart from being a tad dry and overcooked in the centre portion, the rest of the salmon was pretty soft and tasty

My tasty dinner

If not for the dark clouds looming at the distance, we would have stayed longer at Cliff’s. That said, we suited up and moved off for home at about 8pm. Even at that time, I was surprised to catch a glimpse of sunset on our way back!

Sunset on the way home

Arriving back at GP Esso at 10:45pm, we mingled around for a little while before bidding farewell to the rest of the Kruzers.

For both my partner and I, this camping trip was truly an experience which we truly enjoyed, and will definitely want to experience again in the near future. Thank you Kruzer (and Isaac), for making this trip a memorable and enjoyable one for us!

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Written by Grace Leong