“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner

Well said, Charles.

Fraser’s hill has always been Kruzer’s favorite destination, so much so that it has become an annual pilgrimage. Why? Simply because of the cool temperatures, crisp air, beautiful sceneries, and 40+ kilometres of winding bends and hairpin loops; the highlight for most Kruzers, especially for those who give their throttles a harder twist at the sight of those twisties.

So can you imagine how delighted and excited we were when we heard that Kruzer was going to celebrate its 7th anniversary, and have its first trip of 2012 at our all time favorite destination – Fraser’s Hill?

Ok I probably can’t speak for everyone in the group, but for me, boy I was excited enough to be kept awake before we met up at GP Esso at 1:00am.

The meetup at GP Esso

Since this trip was opened to public, we were glad to have 3 new friends – Alex, Poh Guan, and Yuwen – with us. In total, we had 23 bikes and 1 car, which I must say, was quite a crowd!

Trip briefing before moving off

Due to the large turnout and 3 newcomers, a briefing was done to inform the group of who the markers were, and the waypoints of the trip. As it was a night ride as well, some safety precautions were advised to those who haven’t rode at night before.

Bikes taking a break at Pagoh R&R

03:30am – We arrived at Pagoh R&R for our first fuel stop. Was glad to see that most of the guys were still chirpy and awake.

Petronas at Sungei Besi

05:30am – Arriving at our second petrol kiosk, the folks (like yours truly) who were battling with fatigue started heading into the Petrol Mart to grab a cuppa coffee or red bull, and some others sat by the kerb to grab some shuteye.

The quad smiling for the camera

But despite the lack of adequate rest for most, some of the guys remained energetic and zestful.

Group gathering around Dylan’s bike for some diagnostic advise and assistance

Unfortunately, trouble had a way of keeping us awake when Dylan’s bike had a technical issue. After several attempts to fix the problem but to no avail, we decided to split ways: Isaac would lead the rest of the group to our next destination, while a group of guys would stay back and assist Dylan to bring his bike to a bike shop in Kuala Lumpur.

We’re ready to roll!

(By the time I arrived at our breakfast venue, I was dead tired and every cell in me wanted either coffee, or a bed to sleep in. So because of my fatigue, I didn’t take any pictures of the place or the food.)

07:30am – With our tummies filled with Caffeine, Roti Canai, and other sinfully tasty dishes, we left for our next destination.

The first glimpse of the morning sun

Personally, catching a glimpse of the sunrise is what I always look forward to during a night ride. Because when the sky starts to light up with the gentle glows of the rising sun, it means that the night ride is over, and we’re probably going to reach our destination soon!

Riding with the sunrise along Karak Highway

Loving the azure blue skies, fluffy clouds, and cool temperatures.

Usually when the sun rises, some of the morning sun will get to us, causing some mild perspiration. But for this trip, perspiration was mostly non-existant for more (in fact I didn’t get to perspire at all!) because of the cool temperatures from the night ride, all the way to Karak Highway, and the trip up to Fraser’s Hill.

Quick stop at a local petrol kiosk

Before twisting up the bends and corners of Fraser’s Hill, we stopped by a local petrol kiosk as some of us needed to refuel.

Despite the bends and corners, there’s still time to smile at the camera

Petrol – check. Toilet break – check. Adrenaline levels – check. Here’s Sean giving a “twist” sign, for the twisty roads ahead.

Kruzers showing enthusiasm with what lies ahead

And the start of many bends and corners begin..

Riding past the famous Fraser’s Hill sign. Welcome to Fraser’s Hill!

White and bold, the Fraser’s Hill sign is a popular spot for photo-taking. While riding past this popular spot, the erect sign looks as though it is welcoming us. Ok fine, maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Kruzers at The Gap

After riding through about 30km of twisting roads, we finally arrived at The Gap, where we took a short break to enjoy the splendid scenery, and the cool temperatures. Apart from being a resting point, it  was also a regroup location for us.

The austere grandeur scenery of Fraser’s Hill, and far far away.. 

From The Gap to our final destination at Silverpark Resort in Fraser’s Hill, we had to ride up another 8km of steep, twisting bends and hairpin loops, followed by another 1 or 2km through the small town of Fraser’s.

But ah! The austere grandeur scenery and the cool temperatures was definitely worth it. Check out the idyllic, paradisal view from our balcony. Awesome and breathtaking isn’t it?

Kruzers ride out for lunch

Shortly after we’ve checked into our rooms, we headed out for lunch at Scott’s Pub & Restaurant – a cosy and colonial looking restaurant located at the small town of Fraser’s Hill.

Stocking up our booze and grubs

Before we head back to our rooms, we always stop by the local provision shop to grab some grubs, water, and most importantly – booze!

Kruzers gathering at the cafeteria for dinner

One of our newcomers – Alex – watching the a slideshow of Kruzer’s 2011 events intently.

Isaac giving his opening speech

Having our stomachs satiated with barbecued chicken wings, meat, and prawns, Isaac gave an opening speech about Kruzer’s 7th anniversary, followed by a brief recount of Kruzer’s highlights in 2011.

Jocelyne presenting to Rachel her Life Membership Card

It’s 16 degrees!

I know I’ve mentioned the cool weather at Fraser’s a couple of times. But how cool is it exactly? Well, at night, it can go as cool as 16 degrees! Now where’s my thermal jacket..

Here’s a glimpse of Fraser’s Hill when night falls. Looks like a scene from a horror movie right?

The boys can’t find November!

Since the night was still young, some of us gathered at Richard and Tony’s apartment to tipple and prattle. There, the highlight was the game “Finding November”. Ha ha!

Friends, beers, and hearty chatters..

After a couple of beers and raillery, some returned to their rooms while others stayed back for some more booze and witty chatter.

Though the ‘party’ crowd was just a few of us, it was a heartwarming session where we got to learn more about each other, break the ice, joke around and make a fool of ourselves. Oh the good times!

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Written by Grace Leong