To kick off year 2011, Kruzers organized its first ride to Tanjung Sutera Resort – a rustic resort tucked in the outbacks of Johor. This trip however, was unlike the previous trips for me, because IT IS MY FIRST RIDE UP TO MALAYSIA! Yes! Can you totally feel the excitement and glee from my statement in capslock?

As this a fairly short trip, there was no need to ride through the night (as we often do for long trips.)
Thus, we met up at 7:00am at GP Esso, had a short briefing at about 7:45am, before setting off at 8:10am.

Within an hour or so, we arrived at our breakfast stop in a small town in Kota Tinggi. If you are interested about how my “virgin ride” was so far, I’d say with much suppressed excitement that “so far, so good!”

Traveling through several trunk roads and having a short rest stop at a bridge with a breathtaking view, we finally arrived at Tanjung Sutera resort by noon. Despite our short arrival at the resort, the Management quickly showed its efficiencies, generosity, and kindness when they allowed us to park our bikes to park in what seems to be their meeting hall.

To the management team, terima kasih!

After receiving our keys, we walked towards our accommodation, which looks like little orange cute no-frills kind of chalets. But do not be fooled by its unadorned exterior. It’s interior is actually very comfy and clean.

There are no high technology gadgets like a mini fridge or an LCD Flatscreen TV, but hey, places like these are for you to just slack, relax, laze in the bed or chill by the pool!

Speaking of pool, I think that Tanjung Sutera pool has one of the idyllic setting ever. Located outdoors with the spectacular view of the sea, it’s no wonder Kruzers spend most of their time in it!

With all good times which pass by with a blink of an eye, it was dinner time! With a variety of barbecued food like chicken wings, squid, prawns etc, you bet we had a sumptuous dinner.

Shortly after dinner, we were informed that in light of Valentine’s day, Kruzer have prepared a stalk of rose and a copper tooled rose for the boyfriends to give their girlfriends.

But a certain boyfriend had something else in mind. Getting down on one knee and opening the rose-shaped ring box, he proposed to his girlfriend who said “yes!” without any hesitation. Congratulations to the couple!

With love in the air, not forgetting food and booze, we had a helluva great time. I don’t know about the others but all the fun and food sure made got my head spinning right back to bed.

The next morning, I was dragged out of bed in attempt to catch the sunrise. Sleepy and groggy, I was surprised to see our friends, who arrived shortly after we did. Unfortunately, we were down on luck because the heavy cloud cover totally ruined our chance of watching the sun rise. Sigh, next time perhaps!

With a failed attempt to catch the sunrise, we made our way to the Canteen area where breakfast was served. Though the breakfast menu was limited to just Nasi Lemak and Toasted Bread, it was equally tasty.

Chilling out at the canteen while waiting to check out, I had another round of tea and donuts – the ultimate and must-have snack for any relaxing trip. By the way, the donuts are really delicious. Unlike the usual donuts that are soft, these donuts are smaller, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside. Glazed with just sugar, this snack is best eaten while it’s hot. Coffee, tea and other hot beverages are a perfect complement to this saccharine snack. It’s truly a must-try at the resort!

Before we moved off from Tanjung Sutera, we had to take a group photo with the backdrop of the spectacular sea-view. There, we not only bade goodbye to the resort, but to a wonderful time of rest, fun, food, and relaxation.

Traveling back via trunk roads to our dinner destination met with some traffic hindrances. But we all managed to regroup before continuing our journey to Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Restaurant.

At 5+ in the evening, we finally arrived at our last destination at Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Restaurant, which was one of the dinner venue of Kruzer’s day trip last year.

With so much good food and a good ride, I couldn’t be happier. Truly, this trip has been a truly memorable one albeit its short distance, and I look forward to future short trips that Stevie (my Steed) and I can embark on!

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Written by Grace Leong



Been here. Its surely a place worth going. Some Singaporeans goes there to fly their “wind powered planes” 🙂 … really cool!

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