Every bi-monthly, Kruzer would organize a R.E.S (Rest, Eat, Slack) trip for its members to satisfy their itchy bums to ride and itchy mouths to feast.

This year, Kruzer’s first R.E.S trip was organized on March 26th. And unlike it’s previous R.E.S trip to Johor, the destination for this R.E.S trip was a tad further – Malacca.

Arriving at our first meet up point – GP Esso, we had a short briefing before moving off.

I couldn’t help but notice how perfect and beautiful the weather was – Fluffy white clouds in an azure sky with the backdrop of Pagoh hills in a distance. Awesome!

About one and a half hours later, we finally arrived at our first meal stop at Tangkak for Beef Kway Teow. Though the portions are a tad smaller, the meal was as enjoyable and tasty. Loved how succulent and tender the beef was, as well as the soup which wasn’t too strong. Perfect meal for a quick brunch!

Any how, it was a good thing that the portions are small because we needed ample of stomach space for the next food stop!

Heading to our next destination, we passed through some twisting roads of Malacca before Isaac turned off to what seemed like a stretch of gravel road! Being a pillion on a sports touring bike, riding on a graveled sandy path was certainly a challenge and perhaps a headache for some!

At first, we thought that it was a short stretch before we’d reach our next destination. Little did we know that it was actually 2.7km of off-road trail! It didn’t help when there was a herd of cows grazing by the side of the trail and glaring at you with a bewildered look, as if we’ve intruded their territory.

When we finally arrived at Sim Kao Yen Durian plantation, it was all worth it! There, all of us opt for the durian buffet at RM 40.00 per pax for an unlimited flow of durians!

And with all the durians we had, the Beef Kway Teow we had earlier seemed more like appetizers than the main course!

Despite a stomach filled with Durians and Beef Kway Teow, We headed to Sun May Hiong in Malacca for some Pork Satay next.

To be honest, I thought that the peanut sauce was a tad bland, and the Satay was little dry. But that’s probably because my taste buds masked with the strong taste of all the durians I had earlier. Aside my biased taste-buds, the rest of the group seemed to be enjoying their Satay. Some even had 20 to 30 over sticks!

Like all the food we’ve had earlier wasn’t enough, Isaac brought us to have Satay Celup at a nearby food stall. Yes! MORE FOOD!

With a stomach full of food, Kruzers had to head somewhere less crowded, quiet, and familiar to digest our food. So we left for Cliff’s after our Satay Celup to chill out while some of the guys had their beer fix.

Facing a beautiful view of the sea at dusk, it was certainly one of the most calming and relaxed chill-out points that I’ve been to. Ahhhh..

Amidst the gentle sea breeze, mocktails, drinks, and booze, we also got to celebrate Racheal’s birthday.

I guess if there was a word to summarize this trip, it would be FOOD. Truly, we were not only physically satisfied in our bellies, but mentally satisfied from the ride and the fellowship.

Like the famous saying “Live to Eat, Eat to Live”, you could say that we “Ride to Eat, Eat to ride” because not only did we rode to eat, we ate to our hearts (and bellies) content before riding back home to Singapore.

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Written by Grace Leong

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Its been a long time since the last article. Nice ride and description! Keep it up!

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