Kruzer has always been passionate in exploring new places for their riding passion and making these experiences available to those who appreciates it.

In keeping with its passion, Kruzer organized a 3D2N trip over the long Good Friday weekend to a new destination at Morib on the first day, followed by a familiar destination (for some) to The Curve at Damansara the second day.

As the distance to Morib wasn’t that far (355km), we gathered at GP Esso at 6:00am, had a short briefing, before moving off at 7:00am.

As we will not be stopping for breakfast, we had to fuel our tummies with whatever we could find in the GP Esso Mart before moving off. Being a small eater, I had bread, which clearly pales in comparison with a packet of chicken that a fellow Kruzer bought.

The good thing about riding at dawn is the joy of watching the orange ball of light ascend from the horizon, slowly lighting up the sky with its soft, gentle sun rays. Certainly adds to the enjoyment of the ride as a rider, or pillion.

But our ride was shortly interrupted when we were stopped by the local police for ummm.. going a little faster than we should.

As you can see from the grin from a Kruzer from the above picture, this little incident is not going to spoil our moods for this trip.

After one refuel stop, we finally arrived at a local eatery named The Windmill Station, which is located at Seremban for brunch.

The Windmill Station
48 & 50, Jalan Melaka Raya 13,
Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
Phone: +606 286 0178
Fax: +606 288 3199


As the sun rose to its place in the sky, we needed something healthy and cold to cool us down. Some of us ordered a Giant sized jug of fruit juice, but we didn’t know that the jugs were THAT HUGE.

Hitting back on the roads, we soon arrived at Morib. But before heading straight to the hotel, Isaac – our dear Kruzer president – led us to a spot by the beach to let the sea breeze ruffle our hairs as we rested.

Here, we also had a glimpse of Golden Palm Tree Resort – A spectacular five star over water villa resort that stretches out nearly one kilometre into the sea facing the sheltered waters of the straits of Malacca.

Before our hairs could smell like sea salt from all the sea breeze we’ve been getting, we headed to our destination at Impian Morib Resort.

For a 6 year old resort, I was pleasantly surprised at its upkeep. It’s exteriors still look new and the rooms are really clean by my standards (except for a dead cockroach that SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME when I first checked in).

In fact, I usually don’t go barefoot in my hotel /resort room because mom taught me so. But this time, it felt as clean as my own bedroom, which made me really comfortable and happy.

Soaked in our perspiration while riding to Morib earlier in the day, the first thing we could think of after checking into our rooms was to jump into the pool.

There, we not only lazed around (and in) the pool, but got to enjoy some local Kruzer talent as they created their own advertisements out of a Kamen Rider Mask and a Mini Fan in a shape of a Milkbottle.

Check out their video here. Thank you Jo for the video!

Before we know it, dusk was approaching and our tummies were rumbling. So we met up at the lobby at 6:45pm before heading out for dinner.

Upon arrival at Golden Sea Chinese Restaurant, we were welcomed with a beautiful sunset across the horizon. Ahhh.. isn’t it spectacular?

We then ordered several dishes for dinner – Hotplate Tofu, Banana Chicken, Fried Beansprout with salty fish.. and more.

Frankly, the standard of the food wasn’t that great. Most of the folks sitting that were in the same table as I am agreed that the food has a subtle muddy taste. Personally, I’m not too keen in returning here for another meal.

Before heading back to the hotel, Isaac led us to a local minimart so that we could get some beers, drinks, and grubs.

We then met up in our own groups in various rooms to chill, and enjoy a night of laughter, chatter, booze, and chips before heading back to bed.

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Written by Grace Leong



HEH! Apart from Clowns, we have ze Karmen Rider to pay us Kruzer a visit. LOL! In fact I think he has a little Kruzer fan club of his own! 🙂


there seems to be Kruzer clowns everytime 🙂

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