On most mornings, the alarm clock will usually ring and I would have to press the snooze button a several times before waking up. This time round, I woke up miraculously even before the alarm clock rang!

Awake and refreshed, I stepped out into the balcony and was able to catch a glimpse of the moon disappearing into the upper stratosphere. Too bad it was short of a sunrise. Else it would be perfecto!

Walking from our rooms to the Lobby where the Restaurant is located, we were able to see the the resort in a idyllic and tranquil setting.

Personally, I thought that the breakfast was a disappointment. Not that I expected some fine cuisine or some sort, but I really didn’t know how to appreciate the local spread i.e. Fried Spicy Kuay Teow, Curry etc.

Thankfully, there was an egg counter situated at the corner of the restaurant, which was a life-saver for an egg lover like me.

Gathering back at the resort lobby at 10:30AM, we started to prepare and suit up before heading to our next destination – The Royale Bintang Hotel

As the first half of the journey was mainly trunk roads, we traveled at slower speeds – which means I was able to snap more pictures of not only the scenery, but also the view at the back; like the picture above.

Instead of traveling straight to The Royale Bintang Hotel, Isaac led us to what I think is called Pulau Carey, where we could enjoy some sun, sand and sea breeze.

Almost half an hour or so, we left for another quick stop at woodcraft shed of an Orang Asli.

It’s really amazing how these local people are able to possess such talent in wooden craft, just like the above statue which was actually carved out from a single block of wood! Yes – even the rings and the ball in the statue’s mouth is carved out from the very same block of wood. Fantastic work isn’t it!

Across the woodcraft shed was another shed of an Orang Asli that sells woven products. Amazing handicraft!

As the heat was getting to our physical and mental beings, Isaac decided to bring us straight to the hotel instead of having lunch first.

Squeezing through traffic in the hot and humid weather while ensuring that no one gets lost is really no joke. Thankfully, we all survived the peak hour traffic jam, hot weather, and arrived at The Royale Bintang Hotel safely.

While waiting at the hotel lobby for our room keys, we were served with an icy cold glass of fruit punch as our welcome drink. That sweet and thoughtful gesture certainly created a lasting and good impression of the hotel for me!

As it took quite some time to get our keys, we were only able to gather at the Hotel Lobby at 3pm, before heading to The Curve for a late lunch.

And since we were at The Curve, we wanted to drop by Tenshi Cafe – which is apparently the first Maid Cafe to be opened in Malaysia. Unlike the other maid cafes in Malaysia, Tenshi cafe is directly monitored from Animetsu’s branch in Japan, bringing a “real” Japanese style Maid cafe to Malaysia.

However, our excitement was quickly turned to disappointment when we arrived at Tenshi Cafe. As they were having an event – Butler’s Day, there seemed to be no one in the cafe to welcome or seat us. In fact, we were there for almost a good 5 minutes trying to find a maid (or someone who looks like a staff) to assist us but everyone in the cafe was mostly wearing cosplay costumes, and if they were the staff or they were the customers. Displeased and hungry, we left the cafe and broke into smaller groups for lunch at various eateries.

After lunch, we had some free & easy time before dinner and that was perfect for shopaholics like myself to indulge in some retail therapy.

Gathering back at the hotel lobby at 7pm, we left for dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus – A German Restaurant & Bar.

Some Kruzers had their beef fix while waiting for their dinners to arrive. A toast to an enjoyable time!

As German Restaurants are known for their Pork Knuckles and Sausages, some Kruzers decided to give it a try. However, we were surprised at the portion and size of the Pork Knuckle when it arrived. It’s HUGE!

I being the less adventurous eater, decided to order something more familiar – Fish of the Day – which is a pan seared salmon with some vegetables.

After a sumptuous meal, we decided to chill out at The Library as the night was still young. Ahhh.. with beers, nachos, cakes, and some light-hearted games, it was indeed a perfect way to end the night.

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Written by Grace Leong