Two days whizzed by in a blink of an eye. On the third day, we gathered at the Hotel Lobby at 10:30am, suited up, started our bikes, and moved off to our lunch venue.

Fortunately, traffic wasn’t as bad as the previous day when we were headed to The Royale Bintang Hotel from Morib.

As we travelled out of the city area, the roads started winding into some trunk roads with an amazing view of the mountains.

Winding further up some twisties, we finally arrived at Haven Restaurant @ The Lookout Point.

Sitting on top of one the highest point of Kuala Lumpur surrounded by thriving and lush green tropical rainforest, Haven has a magnificent panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur that explodes your visual senses at first sight. Simply breathtaking!

Satiated from a heavy lunch, we moved off for Singapore. But instead of the planned route home, Isaac led us to another route – one which arose the interest of many Kruzers because of its twisties.

After a few twisties, Lionel felt that something was amiss. The bike wasn’t able to lean as much as it used to and immediately, he stopped by the side of the road to inspect his tires.

True to his fears, there was a tiny puncture on his rear tire sidewall. Fortunately he had a tire repair kit with him and hence, swiftly attended to the puncture. Kenneth was also kind enough to lend us his electric pump, which is a lifesaver because within minutes, the tire was pumped with sufficient air and we were good to go!

Riding through more twisties, another Kruzer and his pillion had a fall at one of the corners. Thankfully, they escaped with only superficial wounds and abrasions because they were fully geared with armored jackets and pants.

Indeed, this incident serves as a timely reminder to all, that wearing proper gears are important. In fact, always dress for the fall and not for the ride!

Despite the series of unfortunate events, we were still able to grab some dinner at a local town in Bukit Indah before heading back to Singapore.

With a puncture and a fall, you might have thought that our moods were dampened thereafter. On the contrary, we were able to laugh and chat over the dinner table, and more importantly, ride home safely.

Though the return leg might be a bittersweet experience for some, I truly believed that we still enjoyed ourselves as well as the company of each other throughout this trip.

Thank you Kruzer, for sharing 2 new destinations to us. I’m already looking forward to the next ride with you guys!

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Written by Grace Leong