It’s less than a week to the camp up at Mount Ophir and we’re finally experiencing the “fire in the pants ” feeling.

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“What’s for dinner? What are you bringing for the camp?”. Ahh, the familiar questions pop up and yours truly was no different. All I had in mind was the type of cooking and food we needed to bring. Absolutely no toots about tents, sleeping bags, bungee cords, lights. Only food and what to cook it with. If food’s all you’re thinking about, you meet an important criteria for Kruzer membership.

Sensing that people might be sleeping out in the open with stars for cover, it would be apt to do some thinking or “research” into motorcycling and camping: 2 things that come naturally together.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ll notice that all motorcycling and camping articles naturally lead to one article: Bill John’s Excellent Motorcycling Camping Guide.

Briefing you on what sort of tents to bring, how to prevent water from coming into your tent, he’s got it mostly covered (specialty sites on camping might give you better tips). But the most important thing is he’s got a checklist where the lazy motorcyclist, i.e. you, will come to appreciate. I think I will come to appreciate this a lot…

Bill John’s Excellent Motorcycling Camping Guide

Let us know if you find something useful.  I mean, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to fish your buddy out of his waterlogged tent! (though this story will probably stick to him for the rest of his life..hehe)


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Rutha Galper

Hi This is a wonderful outdoor site and found the entry helpful,this will improve my fishing particularly where I like to go fishing,smallmouth are the most fun in this waterway and active when the turbines are on,I use a multiple amount of live and artificial bait then figure out what will work that day.

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