In the wee morning hours of 15 Nov, a small band of Kruzers gathered for a nice, cool ride to Serendah, almost 70km south of Fraser’s Hill. Having passed by this inconspicuous town in Kruzer yearly mecca to Fraser’s Hill, none would have known of the architectural wonders which lay hidden from view just a few kilometres in from the main road through Serendah, Route 55.

No one would have figured such a place even existed after passing through an Orang Asli village residing near the end of a housing estate. A dirt track of about 50m on the left after the village would have dissuaded many to believe there was even anything of modern civility in the vicinity.

and this leads to……

The entrance of Sekeping – A view from the inside

With extensive research, Club President and Chief Guide, Isaac Chan, managed to herd us through quickly and allow us to get fully absorbed into the peculiarity of Sekeping Serendah. Sekeping Serendah literally translates into “A Piece of Serendah” and there’s no place in Singapore or even Malaysia that we’ve been which exposes us in nature in such luxurious comfort.

Our Glass Shed – there are 2 in Sekeping Serendah

Designed by a Malaysian architect and inspired by Australia’s Israel House, Sekeping Serendah’s proudest and the most visually pleasing structure has to be the Glass Sheds. With books describing it as a “glorified tent”, the Glass House, as I personally prefer to call it, is an amalgamation of timber, steel sheet cladding and lots of glass. With sunlight peeking through the tree canopy and the glass exterior, inhabitants are virtually assured of adequate natural reading lights.

The living room where the whir of the overhead fans lull u to sleep

Sleeping in the canopy – the closest thing to living in a tree house

Our au naturel toilet

food! pic taken from the bedroom above

Besides the glass sheds, there is also a timber shed and two mud sheds (or more like huts!). Unlike the Glass House, these sheds are air-conditioned and aesthetically pleasing from the outside. It is regretful to say that this author plonked his butt in his Glass House and refused to bulge, except to the swimming pool. Perhaps those who stayed in the other sheds would comment?

The swimming pool was also a good reprieve from the afternoon humidity. Natural spring waters from the nearby hills are pumped and filtered to supply the cool crystal clear water in the swimming pool. It was befitting that the monkeys from Kruzer would be splashing around in these waters, playing catch.

oh yes – the monkeys in full swing

The surroundings are inherently peaceful and there did not seem to be any staff around, although we are aware that they are there any time we require any help. It is this hands-off approach that appeals to us as we went about lounging around in the Glass House and preparing our arty looking bbq pit for the night. The dinner that was served was average but the setting in which we ate our dinner was really an experience. Old doors are recycled as table and are held by wires strung to the ceiling. Eating on the table is like eating on a ship as the door sways gently in the light breeze.

The barely enough dinner

our floating table

our fantastic barbeque

the Glass Shed at night

With a whole night of eating and merry-making, the night simply faded into obscurity as eyelids drooped and the stars twinkled overhead…

The ride back for the next day was going to be exhilarating as we planned to head to Fraser’s Hill for lunch before heading back to Singapore. With the adrenaline pumping twisities less than a hundred kilometres away, we couldn’t miss it for the world and we haven’t even considered the high speed corners of Karak Highway.

There’s been a while since Kruzers went to a new place but as our footprints gets bigger and bigger in Malaysia, it becomes harder and harder to seek out fresh places to stay or ride. But on this account, it does seem that treasures still abound in the nooks and crannies of Malaysia.

Till the next ride,


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Written by Kenny

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ahh.that’s pretty recent. any other interesting buildings or landmarks you visited? It might be a good excuse for us to move our butts again!


i was there on 24th Feb 09
was on an architectural trip with NUS
one of the featured building that we visited.. interesting place and good ideas indeed


Another descriptive write-up! Thanks. Hope all that went enjoyed the experience!

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