take 6 bored guys with nothing to do on a lazy Sunday out for a spin and what you have is the epitome of “out riding with the guys”. A standard conversation with these guys goes something like this:

A: where you all wanna go and eat?

B: Errr, don’t know. Anything..

C: Someplace with air-con leh…

D: ya, anything…

A: Arrgghhh!!!

OR this incident at Batu Pahat:

A: Are we going to climb up the stairs to the viewpoint?

B: Errr, anything…

A: nah, we stay here and cool down..

Rest: ok..

Ten minutes later of staring at monkeys under the shadow of a tree in a deserted carpark,

A: ehh, wanna go where to eat?

B: Errr, don’t know. Anything..

C: Someplace with air-con leh…

D: ya, anything…

A: Arrgghhh!!!

With absolutely no plans (well maybe Isaac knew we wanted to head to Pontian and Batu Pahat), no idea where we’re heading (again, except maybe Isaac), no inkling of what to have for breakfast, lunch and whatever, we just rode.

With just a rough idea on where to get lost and explore some dirt tracks, we not only burned rubber, we burned time, shed a couple of kilos from the unrelenting heat and put it back on in a spacious air-conditioned place with beers, cokes and life’s little luxuries…

RS at Pontian: A Seaside Kopitiam

all 6 musketeers Breakfast at RS in Pontian

(Left: 1/3 of Tony, terence happily slurping mee goreng, isaac examining scriptures on his paper dosai, joe waiting for his “special” order mee goreng, yours truly blowing my mee and a windswept chow)

Delicious maggi goreng with a teh tarik

Paper dosai and spit filled teh tarik

some kampong near batu pahat (tracks may not be reflected in some GPS maps)

you know the heat is getting to terence when he does this

All these food for 60RM + airconditioning to boot!

cutting the pyramid down to size!

A well deserved dessert

and a deserving beer!


I dare say, we met our objectives for this trip: Ride (yeah!) Eat (Hell yeah!) Slack (no doubt abt it). Something about this trip reminds me of those books we used to read; where you could make your choices on which way the story goes by choosing the next page you want to read. Uncertainty is certainly fun, once in a while…. 🙂

Till the next ride to Cape Silk,




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Written by Kenny

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A : ( Must be Terence )
B : ( Must be Chow Baby )
C : ( Must be ToNy )
D : ( Must be Joe )



Thanks for the fun-to-read article! Thanks to all those that came for always game for an adventure! Thanks to Mr GPS too 🙂


Very interesting ride and write-up! The picture in the kampung .. are you guys looking for Mr Selamat lair? 🙂


Choose your own Adventure! Have you tried Interplanetary Spy?

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