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Kruzer R.E.S November 2011

As the year comes to an end, Kruzer organized a RES (short for Ride, Eat, and Slack) trip to somewhere around the southwest of Johore. 10:00am – We met up first at GP Esso, before moving off to our first food destination for brunch, or what some would say – Brunch. As there were dark clouds… Read more »

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Kruzer In The Sheds (Day 2)

7:30 am. My Steve Austin alarm tone roused me from my slumber and before I knew it, Jocelyne came running up the steps to my bed, and whispered softly while gesturing to my ringing iPhone “I don’t know how to turn this off.” That was when I woke up, turned off my alarm, and headed… Read more »

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Kruzer In The Sheds (Day 1)

Unbelievable. It’s been 2 months after my last Kruzer Kamping trip at Mount Ophir, and I’m craving for a road trip already. Fortunately, I heard that Kruzer is organizing a trip to a secluded destination that’s enclaved in nature, so in my excitement, I prodded my partner with a huge grin and twinkles in my eyes. 29th… Read more »

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Kruzer Kamp: Mount Ophir (Day 2)

Reaching for my handphone when I first opened my eyes, I glanced at the time – 06:45 am. Strange. I don’t recall waking up so early without an alarm clock. Ever. I laid awake for a while before sitting up. It was quiet all around. No sound of laughter, chatter, or birds chirping. Just complete… Read more »

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Kruzer Kamp: Mount Ophir (Day 1)

Honestly, the only word that popped into my head when I recollect the days in Mount Ophir was: Ad.ven.ture (noun) : An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity. Taken from the inbuilt dictionary in my macbook. With roads filled with potholes and gravel, and being sandy at some stretches, the word ADVENTURE is truly… Read more »

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King of Fruits Day Ride (23 July)

It’s the time of the year! And by that, I don’t mean Chinese New Year, Christmas, but the durian season. And what more to enjoy this season but to have tasty, creamy, sweet durians? Thus, Kruzer organized a Day Ride to an undisclosed location where Kruzers had the best durians of their lives: Like those… Read more »

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Ride To Morib & The Curve 2011 (Day 3)

Two days whizzed by in a blink of an eye. On the third day, we gathered at the Hotel Lobby at 10:30am, suited up, started our bikes, and moved off to our lunch venue. Fortunately, traffic wasn’t as bad as the previous day when we were headed to The Royale Bintang Hotel from Morib. As… Read more »

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Ride To Morib & The Curve 2011 (Day 2)

On most mornings, the alarm clock will usually ring and I would have to press the snooze button a several times before waking up. This time round, I woke up miraculously even before the alarm clock rang! Awake and refreshed, I stepped out into the balcony and was able to catch a glimpse of the moon… Read more »

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Ride To Morib & The Curve 2011 (Day 1)

Kruzer has always been passionate in exploring new places for their riding passion and making these experiences available to those who appreciates it. In keeping with its passion, Kruzer organized a 3D2N trip over the long Good Friday weekend to a new destination at Morib on the first day, followed by a familiar destination (for… Read more »

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R.E.S 2011 – Food on Sticks II

Every bi-monthly, Kruzer would organize a R.E.S (Rest, Eat, Slack) trip for its members to satisfy their itchy bums to ride and itchy mouths to feast. This year, Kruzer’s first R.E.S trip was organized on March 26th. And unlike it’s previous R.E.S trip to Johor, the destination for this R.E.S trip was a tad further… Read more »